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Grassfed Lamb - whole lamb

Save money on Grass Fed Lamb! When you buy a whole lamb from Cackleberry Farm and Garden you can save a significant percentage over buying by the cut, and you can have it cut to your specifications just for your families table!

Whole lambs cost just $10/lb!! for the hanging weight of the animal(this is the weight the processor gets after slaughter and evisceration) IN ADDITION, you are responsible for the processing fees associated with your animal. We ask that you pay for 10lbs in advance to secure your lamb, the remainder of our cost as well as processing fees will be due the day your lamb is delivered to the processor.



Our lamb is typically delivered to processor at traditional weight ranging from 25-45lbs hanging weight, and processing fees are running between $65-$120 depending on when your lamb is scheduled for processing and where it is processed.


We are currently raising Katahdin/dorper crosses, a hair sheep with a more mild flavored meat than a wool sheep typically yields.  It is my belief that breed and diet form the foundation for a delicious cut of lamb for you and your family. Daily care reflects the focus on meat quality and quality of life that Cackleberry is known for. Place your deposit today!


Grassfed Lamb - whole lamb

  • Cackleberry Farm and Garden is committed to local production and supply. If you are not in the Casper area but would like to pick up our products in an area near you, please visit the Eat Wyoming website at: for more information on regional deliveries.

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