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How to Butcher A Lamb - Farm Class Deposit

This listing is for the deposit.


This will typically be a 2 part class with the First day being about 3-4 hours and typically taking place on a saturday from 12noon to 3/4pm. This first day will detail quiet and humane, on-farm slaughter and basic organ harvesting and packaging. Second Part of the class will typically be the following Saturday beginning at 10am, and will probably be over by 5pm. This day of the class I will teach you how to skin, butcher and package a lamb for the table, with the cuts we make being guided by the class. The lamb will be hung in a temperature controlled environment for the interim week between classes. This class will cost $500 and can be purchased by 1 student who pays for the whole class, 2 students who each pay for 1/2 of the class or 4 students who each pay for 1/4 of the class. In otherwords, the total can be split among friends. The deposit for the class must be paid by a set date one or two weeks prior to the scheduled class so a lamb can be reserved for this purpose, otherwise all lambs may be going to the processor for retail sales. The deposit for the class is $100 and the remainder can be paid on the final day of class or any time before then.

          The student of the class should bring:

               A desire to learn.

               A cooler

               The friends/family they are sharing the class with

               A phone for photos if desired.



For the year 2023, there will not be a class as all available lambs have been sold as whole lambs to one or more of our customers. Paying for this deposit will put you down for a future class.

How to Butcher A Lamb - Farm Class Deposit

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