The Cackleberry Story

1st Generation Regenerative Agriculture

Born by a young man at 18 and his dream to become the next permaculture guru in a place where, at the time, permaculture was unheard of, trees non-existent and green grass was but a blip in the timeline of a year. Of course reality is never quite as easy as the dream... Read below how a study-hungry teen grew into the owner and operator of what is now Cackleberry Farm and Garden!

The Cackleberry Journey:

     As a teen I discovered some of the dark secrets of both the regulatory and production sides of agriculture. I learned that the way conventional agriculture is done can not only destroy soils and ecosystems but can also erode the lives and liberties of those involved from farmer to consumer. I also quickly discovered that there was a better way, agriculture could enrich the soils, the environment and the lives of those involved! I began to feel the intense need to become a part of this regeneration, this regrowth of what farming could be and should be. To this end, I founded Cackleberry Farm and Garden in 2016. I began with and continue to raise Pasture-Raised Chicken and have since expanded to Grass-Fed Lamb, Fresh-Cut Microgreens and the occasional Farm-Raised Cackleberry. I provide the Casper area with fresh, nutrient dense food and aim to heal local soils, ecosystems and the community!

100% Customer Certified, Pasture-based, Regenerative Farming

Animals on grass. Regular movement, impact and rest. A focus on rebuilding soils and community with people and wildlife. This is farming as it should be. No bureaucrat or inspection agency could possibly guarantee or even understand the quality we aim for every day in our practices, therefore we offer 100% customer certification, come see for yourself what we mean when we say Regenerative!