Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can I buy your products?

A visit to the farm for product pickup can be arranged any day of the year, if youre looking for fresh cut microgreens, harvests are usually done fridays or saturdays. Look at the events calander to see if we will be at any upcoming events or call/text/email me with any questions about where else you can find my products!

When and Where are the Farmer's Markets?

As we go into the off season, physical markets are dwindling, I will be at the pumpkin festival in Bar Nunn at Antelope Park this Friday October 9th from 5-8pm with fresh cut microgreens, retail cuts of Grassfed lamb, frozen Pasture-Raised Chicken and many, many friends! Come Join us for an amazing family friendly event! more about that here on our blog!

What forms of payment do you accept?

I accept a variety of payment methods listed below Cash Personal Checks Cards Venmo Paypal Barter is accepted as well and a 50% discount off of retail pricing is available for any and all products when paying with precious metals

When will you have Chicken or Lamb available again?

I have both right now! Chicken will only be available until it is sold out, so get yours soon! I have retail cuts of lamb available as well and if youre looking for halves or wholes I will have those processed in January as soon as processing is available again. 3 lambs left this season. If you would like a half or whole before then, please contact me, there may be an opportunity for the resourceful among you.