Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can I buy your products?

Right here of course!! Visit our products page to make an online purchase, orders placed before Monday at 12noon are eligible for delivery on that Tuesday in the Casper area! Also, if you are in the State of Wyoming but not the casper area, delivery can be arranged through Fresh Foods Wyoming On-farm purchases are always welcome as well, come and see us!

When and Where are the Farmer's Markets?

Market times and locations change throughout the year. As of right now (6.16.21) I will be attending the following markets: Antelope Park Farmers Market - Saturday mornings 7:30-12noon now until July 31st Location: Antelope Park, Bar Nunn, WY David Street Station - Tuesday evenings 5pm-8pm now through Septemeber 1st Location: Downtown Casper at David Street Station Master Gardener's Farmer's Market - Saturday Mornings 7:30-12noon from July 31st - Sept 25th, 2021

What forms of payment do you accept?

I accept a variety of payment methods listed below Cash Personal Checks Cards Venmo Paypal Barter is accepted as well as precious metals

When will you have Chicken or Lamb available again?

We are currently sold out of chicken as we have taken a hiatus from raising them this year. We do have State-inspected cuts of lamb available at the moment that can be purchased on our products page or certain farmer's markets in the area. Whole lamb is also available at a rate of $10/lb plus the processing fee. We do ask that you pay for 10lbs in advance to secure your lamb as your own BEFORE it goes to processing.

Do you sell lamb by the cut?

YES!! We take lambs to a state inspected processor so that we can provide you with fresh, grass - fed lamb by the cut so you can enjoy a delicious lamb dinner with your family! Because this lamb is state inspected, it can be sold anywhere within the State of Wyoming directly to consumer and through a variety of other outlets.