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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where Can I buy your products?
    Right here of course!! Visit our products page to make an online purchase, orders placed before Thursday at 12noon are eligible for delivery on that Friday in the Casper area! Also, if you are in the State of Wyoming but not the Casper area, delivery can be arranged through Eat Wyoming. Email Leann at to order any of our in-stock product, or Visit to see what else you can get from Wyoming producers! We also keep a regular stock of product at the following locations: The Milkhouse Farmer's Market located at 67 S 6th Ave in Mills, WY Honey can also be found at the Eat Wyoming store, located at 866 CY Ave, Casper, WY as well as Cowboy State Custom Meats, located at 7621 W Yellowstone Hwy, Casper, WY Sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date on local Farmer's markets and vendor events that we attend. On-farm purchases are always welcome as well, come and see us!
  • When and Where are the Farmer's Markets?
    Market times and locations change throughout the year. You can count on our product being conveniently located year 'round at: The Milkhouse Farmer's Market Product available: Pasture-raised Duck, Grass-fed Lamb, Fresh-cut Microgreens, Specialty Pesto, Raw, Local Honey, Cackleberries Location: 67 S 6th Ave, Mills, WY Winter Hours: Tue - Fri: 10a-5p, Sat 10a-3p Summer Hours: Tue - Fri 10a-6p, Sat 10a-3p *Hours and product availability at this location are subject to change without notice* Eat Wyoming Product available: Raw Local Honey Location: 866 CY Ave, Casper, WY Hours: Mon - Fri 11a-5p *Hours and product availability at this location are subject to change without notice* Cowboy State Custom Meats Product available: Raw Local Honey Location: 7621 W Yellowstone Hwy, Casper, WY Hours: Mon - Fri: 8a-6p, Sat 9a-1p *Hours and product availability at this location are subject to change without notice* Some of the seasonal markets that we typically attend are: Bar Nunn Farmer's Markets Bar Nunn recently contacted me about starting these up again, it sounds like they will be held Friday evenings at Antelope Park beginning in June sometime, our attendance is currently tentative. Location: Antelope Park, Bar Nunn, WY Likely Dates/Hours: Friday evenings 5p-7pm beginning sometime in June Master Gardener's Farmers Market We do our best to attend this market every year, we may occasionally be late, but we're almost always there! Location: Agriculture Learning and Resource Center: 2011 Fairgrounds Rd, Casper, WY Hours: Sat Mornings 7a - 12noon August and September
  • What forms of payment do you accept?
    I accept a variety of payment methods and currencies, if you don't see your preferred payment method, just ask! Cash Personal Checks Debit/Credit Cards Venmo Cash App Zelle Paypal Hard Assets such as precious metals Cryptocurrencies - we accept any currency listed on Coinbase Barter is also accepted
  • When will you have my favorite product available again?
    Many of our products can only be produced seasonally, as such we may occassionally sell out of your favorite product. If this happens, first off, We're sorry about the inconvenience! The best way to know when most products are going to be back in stock is to sign up for our newsletter and keep an eye out for updates on your product of choice. Alternatively, feel free to shoot me a text at 307-920-0049 and I'll be happy to give you the low-down!
  • Do you sell baby chicks?
    No. Cackleberry Farm and Garden does not sell chicks or breeding stock. Our focus is on producing food for you and your family. However, I have been purchasing fowl for a number of years and have come up with a few recommendations you may find interest in: For a local hatchery, I recommend you check out Melisshof Hatchery. They are located in Lander, WY and offer shipping throughout the state via I believe that shipping is FREE as well (don't quote me on that.) is the hatchery website. If you want rare/exotic breeds or a good variety, I have ordered chicks from Murray Mcmurray hatchery numerous times over the years and have had good success with their birds. Their website is: If you want to raise your own meat chickens, the best birds I have found for raising on pasture come from Schlect Hatchery. They are a small family owned hatchery located in Iowa, They work with an older, slower growing genetic line of the Cornish Cross that has far less of the typical Cornish Cross health problems. I was turned on to this company from a large scale pasture poultry producer in another state and have been very pleased with every bird I have recieved! Their website is: For those looking to grow out their own meat ducks or order other waterfowl: I have not been raising ducks for long but I've found that the Grimaud Hybrid is an excellent table duck, and have consistently heard good things about my waterfowl supplier: Metzer Farms, their website is: We wish you the best of luck as you embark on your journey of animal husbandry!
  • Do you offer Classes/Tours?
    Absolutely! We love to share our successes and our failures, as well as our current challenges and goals we are striving towards! Given our current position in life, we don't offer any regularly scheduled tours or anything at this time, however if you'd like to schedule a tour or visit, just shoot Devon a text at 307-920-0049 and we'll get something figured out! For classes, the situation is similar but some of the things we might be interested in running a class for are: Butchery and Humane Slaughter classes, Hide Tanning, Animal Husbandry Classes, workshops related to anything that the farm may be engaged in.
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