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Pasture-Raised Duck Deposit



Place your deposit now to lock in a 12.5% discount on Pasture - Raised duck for the 2023 season!



Our duck is raised with daily moves and fed a certified Organic starter/grower crumble.



Deposits are credited towards total purchase price of duck and lock you in for a guarenteed bird or your money back. With Deposit your total price will be $8.75/lb, weights are expected to be about 5lbs per bird.

Please provide your name, phone number and email address with deposit so that you can be kept up to speed on the batch and how your birds are doing.


Cackleberry Farm and Garden has an open-gate policy for all customers, you will always be welcome to come see how the birds are being raised and check on your animals in season.



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Pasture-Raised Duck Deposit

SKU: 00000000005
  • No Returns on Duck.

    Refunds on deposits are only available if birds are unavailable at the fault of Cackleberry Farm & Garden. Example: 2nd batch of 2019 was lost entirely to a predator over 2 attacks, Cackleberry Farm & Garden offered refunds to those who had a deposit down on those birds. 

    Refunds ARE NOT available for deposits if for example you make a deposit and fail to appear on processing day to pick up your duck. However your deposit can still be applied to the total of a bird sold at full market price if you miss your processing day. If the processing date ends up being a poor fit for you, please let me know and we will make something work.

  • No shipping is available for duck at this time.

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