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Raw Local Honey

All of our honey is RAW, LOCAL honey, harvested, stored and handled at low temperatures and harvested from local, Natrona County bees. Our bees stay in the county year round and never take any road trips to other states or large scale agricultural fields. Like all of our products, we produce our honey in the most natural way we know how, with your health in mind!


Our bee story: 

Some friends of mine retired from bee keeping in 2022 and were kind enough to sell me their operation when they did so.

Initially we began by packaging honey from our bees that was produced prior to our purchase. Since that time we have had our first harvest in September of 2022. That harvest was taken while the bees were in their original location near the mountain, shortly thereafter we moved the bees closer to home and all future harvests will be from the Homa Hills area of the county(2023 onward).



Raw Local Honey

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