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Sun Shoot Pesto
  • Our Delicious Sun Shoot Pesto is made with Fresh - Cut Sun Shoots grown on farm! 

    Use for a variety of dishes, meals and snacks!

    You can:

    Replace sugary jams/jellies on toast.

    Use as a base ingredient in alfredos and other sauces

    Use on pasta or Gnocchi(pictured)

    Use in sandwiches

    Coat Chicken or fish before baking

    Sneak greens into your diet without anyone knowing!

    and so much more!!


    Ingredients are as follows:


    Sun Shoots

    Sunflower Seeds

    Olive Oil*

    Lemon Juice*


    Himalayan Pink Sea Salt


    * Ingredients marked with an asterik are certified Organic ingredients


    *** ALLERGEN ALERT!!! ***

    This pesto is produced specifically with our allergen customers in mind to avoid contact with walnuts and other potential allergens, on days in which multiple recipes are prepared, this pesto is made first. I also take care to reduce cross contamination.

    However you should be aware that cross contamination is a possibility due to the environment in which the greens are grown and the kitchen in which the pesto is processed (an inspected kitchen in which walnuts or other allergens may be present.) Because Allergies can be so severe for some I always advise caution and care when you choose to consume this pesto, particularly for the first time, but my hope is this will present a truly tasty alternative to the commercially available and allergenic pestos you may find elsewhere.


    Please call me with any questions or concerns about allergies in any of my products. (307) 920 - 0049    - Devon




    Sun Shoot Pesto

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